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Misuratec helps you turn information into knowledge!


Welcome to Misura Technologies.  The company began in 2009 with a mission to provide effective and affordable training solutions to both small and large businesses. Training makes your employees more productive.  Implementing a training program is an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to your employees' professional development.


Why Instructor-Led vs. e-Learning training ?

Both methods are great solutions.  There are many variables that may go into the decision of Instructor-led vs. e-Learning.  

e-learning Advantages: The typical user will go back to the training modules several times as they are learning the product.  This allows the user to revisit areas they may be struggling with. 

Instructor-Led advantages: The interaction with the instructor makes users feel at ease and gives them more freedom to ask questions.  When learning difficult software a blended solution may be best for your users.